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The Vienna Royal Coffee Maker

Also called a Balancing Siphon, the Vienna Royal Coffee Maker was invented in the early to mid 1800's.  The classic elegant design takes coffee preparation out of the kitchen and into the dining room.  Not only is the Balancing Siphon beautiful and entertaining, it also makes a wonderful cup of coffee!  A great conversation piece; it's sure to impress your guests or make the perfect gift.   

Your Vienna Royal Coffee Maker order includes: 
Measuring Pitcher for Water
Measuring Spoon for Coffee
2 Cloth Filters
1 Fuel Burner Wick
(Does not include cooking fuel)




Accessories: Cloth filters should be replaced every 30 uses, wicks replaced as needed.

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Ionia Atlantic is the U.S. importer for the Modian Vienna Royal Coffee Maker.  Distributor inquiries are welcome!  E-mail us at info@ionia-atlantic.com.
How It Works
Simply place coffee into the glass carafe, pour boiling water into the kettle, and light the burner.  As the water continues to heat, the steam rises out through the siphon tube and cools back to water as it enters the carafe.  When the water has completely transferred to the carafe, the counterweight causes the kettle to rise, closing the heat source, and forming a vacuum in the kettle.  The perfectly brewed coffee is pulled back through the siphon tube and into the kettle.  Now it's ready to be dispensed into your cup!

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