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Kili Caffé Gold Espresso
Kili Caffe Gold This blend is a traditionally roasted Italian espresso; smooth and creamy.  Master Roaster Giuseppe Arena blends beans from his own plantation on Mt. Kilimanjaro with carefully selected beans from around the world to create Kili Caffe Gold; our favorite espresso. We love Kili Caffe Gold in traditional Italian cappuccino but it is perfect for a balanced and smooth shot of espresso.  A thick layer of silky crema protects the remarkably smooth, yet bold flavor of the Gold Line.  Our most requested blend.

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Attibassi Crema d'Oro Espresso Fair Trade and organic Attibassi is made from carefully selected high quality Arabica and Robusta grains which are then blended according to exclusive, predefined combinations. A careful, slow and gradual roasting brings out the beans' best qualities. This espresso comes from one of the great gastronomic cities of the world; Bologna. We love Crema d'Oro for lattes and other blended drinks.



Attibassi Espresso Pod Practical, single portion paper pods that make great espresso without the mess! Each pod is individually manufactured in a protected environment and contains precisely 7 grams of perfectly pressed coffee.  A pod adapted machine is recommended.  150 individually wrapped pods in regular and decaffeinated.

$57/150 DECAF Pods

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